2016 + 1 = 2017

so every year on New year’s day I always tell myself, “new year, new me, I’m going to blog in attempt to document life.”

So this finally happened after 3 new year’s days (yes, it’s taken me 3 whole years..) and I must say, thinking of a domain is ultra-supa-doooopa hard work! How do ya’ll do it and not feel like you’ll regret this in the next few years like a 19 year old cringes at her 10 year-old self while creating a hotmail?

If you’re reading this, i’d like to say a massive hello! and welcome to a little snippet of my life.

My name is Sabrina, and i’m here to share the experiences of this year as I will be ditching the number 1 in front of my age and swap it for a 2 (a current 19 year old turning 20 in june).

I wish I could proudly proclaim this blog as a fancy food blog, or a lookbook, or a fitspo or lifestyle blog, but at the moment I think it just might be a little toss of everything that comes our way…. kinda… like sitting at a teppanyaki restaurant and catching bits and pieces of aromatically seared food hurled swiftly in your direction right? (totally worth picking food out of your messy bun for.)

I’m currently studying this thing called radiography, which is really another fancy word for x-rays and medical imaging. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad profession, but it does keep me on my toes a fair bit! In a nutshell, it’s a little like whipping out your camera, snappin’ some shots and then vsco-cam or instagram photo editing, but just for pictures of some human’s clinically questioned innards instead of your girl next door’s soft shell crab croissant for brunch. Hopefully more to come as I attempt to keep consistent blog posts throughout the year!

I am a melbournian, but have been raised in Singapore for a large chunk of my childhood. I have no pets, and take pride in raising 3 cacti on my windowsill (the youngest one’s a real prick!).

Other than my trusty ol’ bed, my next favourite place is the gym. So far on this journey, recovering health and gaining strength + mass is one of my target goals for 2k17! I hope to be able to share and embark on the rest of this experience with all of you, and I apologise in advance if yo’ girl here becomes a little.. juuuust a little bit of a quad-zilla over the next year okay?

So thank you, for reading up to thus far.
As the first 48 hours of the new year sobers to an end (and we all eventually sober up from the new year’s eve celebrations hey!), I can’t help but feel so thankful to the Big Man up there (Jesus!) that we’ve made it again through another year safe and sound.

I am going to enter into 2017 without any fancy resolutions or high expectations. My only desire for this year is to practice more patience, to love and serve others more, and to learn how to appreciate life as it already is.

Well I guess that’s enough from me for now, I’d like to wish you all reading this a happy, warm and safe new year ahead! 🙂


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