A low angled shot of the beach from the sand

Sun shines Brighton the beach (a photostory)

So fine was this Thursday morning.

Waking up to the mellow glow of the rising sun, air soft, cool, and refreshing like a spritz of minty body mist.

…Aaand nope. That only lasted about 2 hours, and by 12pm I wasn’t sure if I was sitting on my chair or on the top wire rack of an active 250 degree oven.

I’d had enough. No more sweltering at home and complaining about the heat (and wishing we had some AC around here), I had to get out.

Now it comes to my attention that there has been incidents of human faeces tainting the pristine shores of many renowned Melbournian beaches, but trust me, when you’re suffocated by the pressing, tyrannic heat wave in a relatively poorly ventilated house, human faeces suddenly become the least of any concerns.

So off to Brighton beach my best friend and I set off for. What I really love about this beach are its clean sands, clear waters, cute beach houses, and candid blue skies. It’s about a 30 minute train ride from Richmond station (Sandringham line), and the train station (Brighton Beach) is literally on the beach (okay maybe its a road crossing away in reality, but one can smell the sea and feel the sand immediately).

Recommend/10! It’s less populated than the other city beaches! ;D

It was idyll. The sun shone strong, and the wind complemented his heat, cooling our skins down with her gentle sea breezes.
The sand was spotted with little specks and spicules of treasures from the sea-  oddly shaped pebbles weathered smooth by the water, seashells streaked with colourful, idiosyncratic marks and sticks of dried algae and coral, strewn lazily across the sand.

In the distance from our funky little picnic blanket makeshift (a disposable Christmas tablecloth- believe me, this was practicality at its best), people lazed, baking to a golden brown under the sun, and children darted energetically in and out of the water. We watched as the wind got a little too excited, uprooting a lady’s beach umbrella and taking it some distance away from its frazzled and rather shocked owner.

The water hugged the shore extra tightly today, each and every wave rolling boldly toward land before crashing vigorously, leaving our feet sinking in the crumbly sand, submerged in a mound of icy white sea foam.

There was not much to see, but heaps to observe- repetitive waves lapping the shore, incessantly collecting loose little pebbles and stringy seaweed,
skinny little sea birds leaving footprints across the firm, moistened sand,
fluffy clouds urged by the sea breeze, moving in slow motion across the blue sky. Families uniting, mothers and fathers overjoyed, trying to electronically document their children’s momentuous first dip in the sea.

My best friend and I usually never stop talking- yet we needn’t say anything today, the crisp, audacious sound of the water hitting the shore filled all silence.

Today was a breath of fresh air (very much in a literal sense), and there’s nothing better than basking in God’s amazing creation with quality company.

Massive thank you to my best friend for your company, for your laughs, snapchats, photos and many more! Happy 1 year and 1 month since the last time we’ve come to Brighton beach! (it’s like a mini anniversary in this 9 year and running friendship yes) There’s no one i’d rather share these awesome experiences with than you.

There’s enough description from me for today, now to some photos (and some aloe vera vasaline for my skin that’s the colour of a slice of burnt strawberry jam toast)


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