Good morning Singapore

It was just shy of 8:30am. I awoke to see Singapore- suburban Singapore, in the light. 

I’m currently living with my paternal grandmother and she stays in a high rise apartment that overlooks a tame, placid river, where the morning breeze is cool and the rising sun is warm.

I stuck my face out of the window, absorbing some residue sunlight slanting in from the gaps of the foliage.

Okay I was tempted- I had to go for a walk. Slipping into a pair of shorts and a shirt, I stepped swiftly out of the door, not wanting to disrupt the moment of stillness.

Inevitably, the humidity enveloped me in its heavy, moist embrace. The air was rapidly warming- starkly different to what one would usually be used to in the dry, cool climate in Melbourne.

The river  was accompanied with a broad, concrete path, which was laced with a plethora of greenery, plants and iconic tropical fauna.

There were sounds, but it wasn’t noisy. Bird songs echoed; a bold crescendo of cawing and chirping, and cicadas squeaked mindlessly in the background. 

The winding path was full of activity- from health concious joggers drenched glossy with sweat to young children and the elderly leisurely strolling. 

As I sat on a stone bench contemplating my desicion of walking under the sun in this humidity, I heard the low purr of an electric bicycle, leaving a light breeze in its tracks as it whizzed past.

The river was a blend between emerald and blue, a sleek, reflective surface, gleaming with sun rays. Subtle movements of widlife beneath bracketed the water with small, fading ripples.

It was a genuine scene of serenity and simplicity, most quiet (and sweaty!) I’ve had in a while. 

Good morning Singapore. 


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