Ion (eye on) the Sky

Singapore; an exuberant concrete jungle.

As we ascended rapidly from the 4th floor to the 55th floor in the safety of a stylish black lift, I swallowed hard, releasing the pressure from my eardrums. 

And suddenly, Singapore became so small, appearing so tame.

For a place that usually throbs with a sort of feverish, busy vibe, and where tall, skyscraper-like buildings cave over pedestrians walking along the streets, viewing Singapore from 55 storeys above was a real change in perspective.

Located centrally in Ion shopping centre along Orchard Road, Ion Sky is a rooftop viewing platform, free for all to visit and appreciate. 

It was picturesque. Like a giant pop up card, one could view the gist of everything- the city skyline, buildings, clouds, but what I really enjoyed was looking closely at minute details.

55 storeys up allowed me to appreciate the intricate shapes and architecture of each building, every twist and turn of grey asphalt roads elaborately painted with road markings, like patterned snakes weaving through an urban jungle.

I was able to see the trees, congruously staining the entire metropolis with various shades of green. Cars sailed along roads with uniformity, and pepole were scattered everywhere, autonomously moving in desired directions. 

I saw areas of construction- dull patches of brown dust and equipment, wedged between regions of buildings like an awkward transition before the reveal of something greater, a work in progress.

The city could be viewed from every direction, and every glimpse of the same view carried something different that was unnoticed before. 

And that is truly the ever changing Singapore.  


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