a fresh start 

its been a while since i’ve just blindly written (or ranted) like I am about to do so now, 

So its somewhat disturbing that university is restarting again in just less than 12 hours after about 3 months, and I still am wired on holiday mode, living in denial that I will probably regret all my life decisions when I am forced to arise at 6am tomorrow morning. 

Aside from that disturbing fact, I also started a new job, which leaves me feeling a little bit uncertain, like a lone wanderer treading on uncharted premises. 

Okay its not some strange occupation or anything illegal.

So it’s pretty much the same retail deal, but instead of mindlessly scanning barcodes and tags for clothes, shoes and miscellaneous household items that one probably doesn’t really need (Target, you’ve treated me well but let’s be real honest here, our cupboards are already stuffed with enough ice cube trays enough is enough) , I’ve swapped it for checking out kilograms of peaches, apples, pears and vegetables.

Also not to mention i’ve swapped an office for a backroom with a HUGE commercial fridge, styrofoam boxes full of nature’s candy, and trolleys of vegetables.

Also hairy melon. Never forget hairy melons.

I mean, I didnt know tomatoes could be black and coming from Russia.

I’ve never noticed the segregation between orange and purple sweet potatoes…Or the fact that purple garlic, really isnt purple.

What is a lebanese cucumber? Why does it look exactly like a zucchini? 

White nectarines, or yellow peaches?

Oh look it’s me, a giant sweet purple potato.

Beetroot loose. Yellow squash. Leek.


what else ran across my mind in my first 4 hours of training? 


it probably didnt help that I was constantly surrounded by fruit, as I was ready as ever to eat the entire green grocer.

Nevertheless, it hasnt been too traumatic so far. I must say it was a pleasant surprise catching a whiff of the fragrant pandan leaves that I did not know this green grocer sold. So I guess it is one step closer to home (my heart aches for many things from back home in Singapore, and it includes pandan cake).

I was also one of the older ones of the young workers. I’d never thought i’d say this but it is strange and somewhat disconcerting when I do reveal that I am turning the big 20 this year to a 15 year old just starting her first job.

THIS IS CRAZY, ARENT I STILL 15? (sabrina living in more denial, refusing to live an adult life)

Nevertheless, I’m glad they hired this old fart anyway.

I have been blessed with not too bad a start, and hopefully smooth sailing employment ahead. Thank you Jesus who’s always got my back. 

I’m also looking forward to finishing off training, and eventually leveling up to the fruit ninja.

Hahaha only kidding, my goal is to one day seamlessly distinguish between nectarines and peaches. Or become the Apple queen. Who knows.

Anyway, over and out. Stay tuned for more juicy- 

Well the only real juicy things in my life right now are the watermelons that sell for 50 cents a kilo back at work, sorry to disappoint, but there really isnt much juicy gossip or news.

And if you’ve stayed reading this up until now, thank you so much and sending muchos love (and tasmanian cherries) your way.


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