Only the 2nd week.

Week 2.


Am I glad to see the end of today, the incessant burning behind my eyeballs can finally be quenched, and the heavy weight of my cranium can finally be released.

I know now what it means to be physically awake but have vital parts of your brain still fast asleep.  Believe me when I say I managed to catch some snoozes right in the front row of a two hour physics lecture without being caught out. It was slide 1 about a mobile x-ray system one minute, a great big gap of abyss, and then it was slide 49 to which the lecturer demonstrated physical catching of light- yes, I awoke to a very excited old man with his hands cupped up in front of him, claiming the tangibility and mass of light rays beaming down in straight lines from the ceiling of the room. (To all you physicists out there, I do appreciate your eccentricities and quirkiness, I am just tired.)

I also now know how it feels to be somewhat suffocated, and how it feels to lose your nose.

Spirometry practicals are not the greatest, especially when it involves a tight nose clip, and constant breathing purely through an oral cavity into a rigid mouthpiece. 

And of course, the digital spirometer wouldnt calibrate on first try and I think I might have experieced a tiny little episode of alkalosis (low key fainting due to an abnormally basic pH of blood) probably from losing too much carbon dioxide by being told to repeatedly exhale into that insensitive apparatus (never forget to inhale).

But it was also pretty interesting to watch the computer draw peaks and valleys recording live breathing movement, only to realise how insignificant my lung capacity truly is!!

We ended up asking the demonstrator to tell us the answers anyway.

Well, it is still a beautiful day to be alive, and every day renews with second chances. Today didnt cut it? I look forward to tomorrow, for I have a God whose compassions never fail, and are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23)

I just hope for fast passing of the days, hoping that time (filled with so very random, somewhat pointless but tiring university events! Haha) will work its brainwashing magic, taking away with it these thoughts, imaginations, the sting of being ignored, and the ache of a hope that is deferred (or in more reality, a hope that leads nowhere), which makes the heart sick.

Once again, if you’ve stuck around long enough to share a little of my burdens (hehe), thank you so much for reading, and I wish you all a tomorrow thats even better than today! 

Anyway, lights out and over (last I checked, we sadly still arent able to catch and weigh visible light rays.)


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