February 14th.
The day for:

over glorification of red petal-y roses, 

over production of teddy bears, 

over use of pink, shiny plastic wrapping, 

over abuse of wallets, 

And over consumption of whatever couples choose to binge on together. 😂

Hokay don’t get me wrong, it sounds like i’m just an old fart blaming the world and the stars yet again for another valentine’s day spent single, but rest assured I am as single as one of those shiny, ‘Single roses’ being sold at $30 each in town today 😀

In all seriousness however, has valentines day become commodity day? 

I mean, roses- of all colours, not just the reds, are always beautiful, but are only very much appreciated on V- day.

Chocolate tastes great all day, everyday, especially 70% dark with a tinge of orange (hint hint), but are only really unselfishly gifted, savoured and appreciated on V-day.

Hand written cards, idyl picnics, letters, tokens, bracelets, rings, dinners, all these gestures are meaningful anytime, but are only really expressed and performed on V-day…and not without a 15 second snapchat or instagram video to show it off these days.

Happy valentines day,

but don’t forget to let your various loved ones (yes im going to say it includes friends and family) know they are loved and thought of everyday. 

Thank them for being part of your life, for tolerating you with patience, for choosing you and seeing the special in you when you didnt see so yourself.

and suddenly, being single on valentines’ day isn’t all that bad.

 I’m blessed with many great people in my life, and before the Big man up there brings Mr. Right into mine one day, i’m going to keep thanking Him for all the people He’s already crossed my path with, for all the people whom I can share great times,conversations and thoughts with.

To all you reading this, thank you for staying with me, 

Sending much love your way this Valentines Day.